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Esser, Bradley and Khalsa has been serving Northern Arizona for over thirty years. We are located in beautiful Sedona, AZ, but we service all of Arizona. It has been our pleasure to serve the Verde Valley area over the years.

Our attorneys have honed their skills and work methodically to achieve the best results. See our Attorneys page for more information about our individual attorneys. As a whole, our mission is to serve our clients and provide a well-rounded, quality-driven, customer-service oriented experience. We take the extra time to carefully evaluate each person or family’s unique circumstances before recommending a particular estate plan.


We practice all aspects of estate planning from the creation of wills and trusts to probate and trust administrations. See our areas of practice for more details on  our practice.


At Esser, Bradley and Khalsa we  have the support and network of the nation. We are Wealth Counsel attorneys, which means that we work with attorneys across the nation to ensure that we are drafting the best and most reliable documents we can provide you with. Wealth Counsel is an organization that is constantly researching and staying up to date on any recent changes in estate planning on both a federal and a state level. This kind of insight is not available to attorneys who are not members of Wealth Counsel. At Esser, Bradley and Khalsa, we are constantly taking cues from Wealth Counsel to make sure that our documents are the best quality that we can provide.


Esser, Bradley and Khalsa has had 100% success with our estate planning documents. Our clients have never had to worry about probate issues as a result of documents we drafted. We also have a 95% client retention rate because our clients are so happy with our services. We strive to develop long term relationships with our clients and serve their families as well once they are no longer present to administer their estates. Our approach is heartfelt hand-holding. Esser, Bradley and Khalsa will be with you through every step of the legacy planning process!