3 Tips for Avoiding a Will Contest.

These days it seems that people will argue over just about anything. When it comes to your estate, avoiding time-consuming and expensive arguments —like will contests—is critical. Below are 3 Tips that will help you to avoid having your estate tied up in a will contest. What is a Will Contest? But before we get [...]

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A Brief Look at What Happens In the Probate Court.

  Usually when we mention probate, we are talking about how to avoid it. Today we thought we would give you a peek into the (dreaded) probate process. What Is Probate? Probate is the court-supervised process of distributing your assets to your heirs when you die. If you die leaving property (especially real estate) in [...]

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Giving Probate the Slip: A Quick Look at How a Beneficiary Deed Works.

One of the main objectives of estate planning is to avoid the time and expense of having your entire estate go through probate. Passing on Real Property. Historically, when it came to passing on real property, the only way you could do it was: By deed during your lifetime, Through your Will after your death, [...]

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Love is in the Air! What We Love About Revocable Living Trusts.

  February 14 was Valentine’s Day! Just think of it: romance, roses, candlelight dinners… and, of course, chocolate! What in the world could be better than that? Only one thing that we can think of… a Revocable Living trust. What is a Revocable Living Trust? More commonly called a “Living Trust” (or, sometimes, “inter vivos [...]

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See You in the Digital Afterlife!

It cannot be denied that technology pervades our lives. In this era of modern technology, we are more connected than ever to each other—on a global scale — through our smartphones, and the internet. We live much of our lives online: networking with professional contacts, staying in touch with friends on social media, paying our [...]

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