A Brief Look at What Happens In the Probate Court.

  Usually when we mention probate, we are talking about how to avoid it. Today we thought we would give you a peek into the (dreaded) probate process. What Is Probate? Probate is the court-supervised process of distributing your assets to your heirs when you die. If you die leaving property (especially real estate) in [...]

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Does Having a “No Contest” Clause in Your Will Really Keep People from Contesting it?

One of the things you want to try to avoid when you die is having someone contest your Will. (The other thing is probate. But that is the subject of other posts.) Why is that, you ask? Because will contests embroil your estate and family members in bitter and often prolonged legal battles. They can [...]

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How to Have an Income for Life, Avoid Taxes and Give to Charity.

Ever wish you could secure an income for life, avoid taxes and contribute to your favorite charity at the same time? Well, you can. Here is how. Consider Setting Up a Charitable Remainder Trust. Talk to your estate planning attorney about setting up a charitable trust. A charitable remainder trust is an estate planning tool [...]

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Why Estate Planning For Blended Families Can Get Tricky.

According to research, over 95.5 million people have some kind of step-relationship. Given the high divorce rates, this is not surprising. If you are divorced, widowed, or remarried, it is very important that your estate planning documents are carefully drafted by knowledgeable trusts and estates counsel. Why not just do it yourself? Because in a [...]

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How Exercise can Benefit Your Child With Special Needs.

We frequently create trusts for children with special needs (called, not surprisingly, “Special Needs Trusts”) as part of our trusts and estates practice. But today we thought we would write a post, not about the law we practice, but about the people we practice law for. Because, after all, at Esser, Bradley & Khalsa, PLLC, [...]

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Had a Change of Heart? Things to Think About Before Disinheriting a Child.

Sometimes our relationships do not always go the way we would like. If you are considering disinheriting one of your children (or even all of them) here are a few things you might want to consider. Think Long and Hard About it. Disinheriting a child (which you can do in all states except Louisiana) is [...]

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