We frequently create trusts for children with special needs (called, not surprisingly, “Special Needs Trusts”) as part of our trusts and estates practice.

But today we thought we would write a post, not about the law we practice, but about the people we practice law for.

Because, after all, at Esser, Bradley & Khalsa, PLLC, it is the people that matter most.

It is our hope those of you with children with special needs will find this post helpful.

Exercise is for Everyone!

The benefits of physical activity for all children are universal. While children with disabilities tend to be more sedentary than non-disabled children, exercise that is properly modified for their abilities can bring tremendous benefits.

According to a report by the American Academy of Pediatrics, participating in sports has been shown to improve the physical and psychological wellbeing of children with disabilities. Regular exercise can boost self-esteem and enhance social awareness and self-confidence. It gives children the chance to make friends, express their creativity, and foster meaning and purpose in their lives. Not all pediatricians fully understand the benefits of physical exercise for special needs children. As a result, the benefits of physical activity for children with special needs often gets overlooked.

A great benefit of regular exercise is that it maintains one’s normal muscle strength and flexibility and may even slow the functional decline often associated with disabling conditions.

The main factor to look for when deciding which sport may be right for your child is whether or not it is fun.

Given the right support, children with disabilities can participate in almost any sport any sport or exercise like: basketball, dance, skiing, swimming, or (the one closest to my heart) horseback riding.

You can find a searchable list of hundreds of adaptive sports programs at the National Center for Physical Activity and Disability.

So we hope you will get out there and find a sport that you and your child will love!

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