Darling, I Love You. I Just Don’t Want You to Inherit My Estate. OK? Sign Here. (The Power of Prenups in Estate Planning.)

Prenuptial agreements (also called antenuptial agreements or “prenups”) don’t sound very romantic. But they can make a lot of sense to have, especially for people who may have been married before. What is a Prenup? Prenuptial agreements are contracts made between two people before they get married (pre (before)-the-nuptials). These are private contracts made between [...]

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Note to Self: Leave Property to Loved Ones. Why You Should Not Write Your Will Yourself.

If you have ever thought about writing your own will either by hand (a “holographic will”) or by using prefabricated forms or online templates, think again. Your will is one of the most important documents you will ever execute in your life. What are the chances you will mess it up if you write it [...]

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What Makes a Valid Will?

You may have heard of Wills, you may even know that you need one, but do you know what makes a Will valid? Why Valid Wills Are Important. Your Last Will and Testament (“Will”) determines how your property is divided when you die and who gets what. Having a Will is one of the most [...]

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Should You DIY Your Estate Plan?

At Esser, Bradley and Khalsa, PPLC, we are all in favor of American independence and tackling jobs yourself. As long as you do not try to tackle drafting your own estate planning documents. Why? Because there simply are some jobs that are best left to the professionals. And doing your own estate plan is one [...]

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2 Key Differences Between a Will and a Trust.

We frequently get questions asking us about the difference between a will and a trust. While there are several important differences, here are just 2: Differences in Form and Purpose. Your will (“Last Will and Testament”) is a legal document that states your final wishes and gives instructions about how to divide up your property [...]

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3 Things to Remember When You Are Drafting Your Will.

In estate planning, much depends on making sure that your will is correct  in all respects and error-free. So here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to writing your will. Wills Are Critical Documents. Your will is one of the most important documents you will ever execute in your life. A [...]

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3 Tips for Avoiding a Will Contest.

These days it seems that people will argue over just about anything. When it comes to your estate, avoiding time-consuming and expensive arguments —like will contests—is critical. Below are 3 Tips that will help you to avoid having your estate tied up in a will contest. What is a Will Contest? But before we get [...]

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Does Having a “No Contest” Clause in Your Will Really Keep People from Contesting it?

One of the things you want to try to avoid when you die is having someone contest your Will. (The other thing is probate. But that is the subject of other posts.) Why is that, you ask? Because will contests embroil your estate and family members in bitter and often prolonged legal battles. They can [...]

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