Note to Self: Leave Property to Loved Ones. Why You Should Not Write Your Will Yourself.

If you have ever thought about writing your own will either by hand (a “holographic will”) or by using prefabricated forms or online templates, think again.

Your will is one of the most important documents you will ever execute in your life. What are the chances you will mess it up if you write it yourself or use an online form? Big. Very big.

And what are the chances that anyone can fix any mistakes you made in your Will after you die? Zero.

So writing your own will is not a good idea.

A Critical Estate Planning Tool.

In estate planning, a lot depends on your will and on making sure that your will is correct and error-free. Your will distributes your property to your loved ones, of course, but it can also do much more. A will can:

  • name a personal representative or executor to wrap up your estate
  • name guardians for your children and their property
  • provide instructions for trusts for your children or other young beneficiaries
  • reduce conflict by making your intentions clear
  • forgive debts, among other things.

All wills must comply with certain legal requirements in order to be valid, and the laws in each state vary as to what is required to make a valid will.

An experienced trusts and estates attorney can not only help you draft a will specific to your unique needs, but can make sure that it is error-free. This is important because errors in a will can render it invalid (in whole or in part) and can cost your estate a lot of time and money—either because they will cause fights among your beneficiaries (will contests) or because they may cause your entire estate to be probated.

Another reason why you should not write your will yourself —either by hand or with a form— is because you may need the advice of counsel. Every situation is unique. Some  people have monetary, property or relationship situations where they need legal, tax, or personal advice. You can’t get that from a form (or non-attorney source). Working with an attorney instead of trying to do-it-yourself can keep you from making costly mistakes.

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