How Exercise can Benefit Your Child With Special Needs.

We frequently create trusts for children with special needs (called, not surprisingly, “Special Needs Trusts”) as part of our trusts and estates practice. But today we thought we would write a post, not about the law we practice, but about the people we practice law for. Because, after all, at Esser, Bradley & Khalsa, PLLC, [...]

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Had a Change of Heart? Things to Think About Before Disinheriting a Child.

Sometimes our relationships do not always go the way we would like. If you are considering disinheriting one of your children (or even all of them) here are a few things you might want to consider. Think Long and Hard About it. Disinheriting a child (which you can do in all states except Louisiana) is [...]

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Some Thoughts on Deciding How to Divide Your Estate Between Your Children.

Deciding how to divide up your property in your Will can often be difficult to do. Especially if you have several children and they have varying needs, or you believe that one of them deserves more/less than the others. When it comes to trying to decide who should get what without causing a massive family [...]

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Giving Probate the Slip: A Quick Look at How a Beneficiary Deed Works.

One of the main objectives of estate planning is to avoid the time and expense of having your entire estate go through probate. Passing on Real Property. Historically, when it came to passing on real property, the only way you could do it was: By deed during your lifetime, Through your Will after your death, [...]

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What You Can Do To Get Your Digital Assets in Order

  No doubt about it; technology has revolutionized our lives and our society. It has even changed what is considered to be part of a person’s “estate” when they die. #DigitalEstatePlanning. “Back in the day” all you had to worry about was your present life, the afterlife and passing on your tangible assets (real property, [...]

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How Estate Planning Can Help You Get What You Want.

It’s funny how we all want pretty much the same things: happiness, security, financial stability for ourselves and our loved ones, and control over our property and our lives. Estate planning can help you get all these things. How? Here are just a few of the ways estate planning does this. Planning to Get What [...]

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