How Estate Planning Can Help You Get What You Want.

It’s funny how we all want pretty much the same things: happiness, security, financial stability for ourselves and our loved ones, and control over our property and our lives.

Estate planning can help you get all these things.


Here are just a few of the ways estate planning does this.

Planning to Get What You Want.

  • Estate planning gives you control over your personal and business property—now and after you die.
  • A Legacy Estate Plan allows you to decide who will get your property, when and how. It  lets you decide who will make healthcare and financial decisions for you if you become incapacitated and no longer able to handle your finances or make medical decisions for yourself.
  • A Legacy Estate Plan also allows you to decide who will take care of your children, if that becomes necessary.
  • If you have a business, you can plan who will take over when the time comes.
  • If you have loved ones with special needs or who need extra help, estate planning (particularly setting up a “Special Needs Trust”) can allow you to provide for these family members with a tailor-made plan specific to them and what they need.
  • Taking the time to make an estate plan will allow you to protect your assets from gift, estate and income taxes for as long as possible.
  • And if you have charitable or philanthropic goals, an estate plan can help you achieve those as well.

The Right Plan Can Help You Achieve Your Goals.

Whatever your goals in life, you cannot achieve them unless you have a plan.

A Legacy Estate plan can help you achieve your goals of protecting your assets, providing for your loved ones, and leaving a legacy that you can be proud of.

Not Sure How to Get Started? We Can Help.

We are estate planning attorneys with offices in Sedona, Arizona. We offer FREE consultations and we are available to service all of Arizona. We can help you with your estate planning needs. Call us at  928-282-1483 or connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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